Is a Gifted natural born Empath with Psychic, Mediumistic, Divine Healing, Whispering (voice for the voiceless), Alchemy/Magik abilities. She utilizes a philosophy where her intuition and spirituality come together to create clarity, guidance, and a tremendous empowered whole healing of the mind, body, spirit, and emotion. 


Growing up with such Gifts... 

 From an early age she began noticing things were happening to her. She would get random feelings, visions that brought her fear. Things that were a bit too much for her to understand and know why she was having such episodes. Experiences, she would ignore, feelings, visions, she did not want to believe in nor accept.

Her sensitivity as a child was wide open, and she felt, heard, saw, and was very much aware of energy around her and aware of energy around other people. She was able to feel people’s hearts and intentions. It was difficult for her growing up with such uncontrolled, overactive, imagination as she felt that’s what it was- as she never wanted to be different from the other kids.  She was always so very nervous and never wanted to be alone at home because she would see things from the corner of her eye. She never wanted to sleep alone nor with the lights out as she felt something would touch her. Her thoughts, visions, and feelings were very frightening, because every time she would get to experiencing such things- things would happen as she fore saw them, and that would scare her to her core. As a child, she was that quiet little girl that always looked nervous, shy, and alone.

As time went on,

Paloma learned to suppress and block all those feelings, visions, and noise she had for many, many years growing up.

She never said a thing to her family, as she felt that was best thing to do as she got older.


A hop, skip, jump, and fast forward to today…

Paloma today as an older woman, a proud mother of a gifted teen, she now realizes that those instances were GOD given Gifts. GOD given abilities to help herself along her path and to be of help to others.

To now know what those instances were and to finally put a name to them was truly a relief to her heart. She was not crazy, she was not weird, she was not seeing too many Halloween movies  as a kid and making things up in her mind, nor did she have an overactive imagination. She now knows, It was the Universe/GOD/The all that is showing her how Gifted she was. 

Paloma's Gifts

Empathy, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Clairalience, and Claircognizance 

Paloma is an Empath. A physical/emotional/intuitive Empath, which makes her super highly tuned sensitive. Being around large crowds of people, hospitals, parties, social events, and cemeteries, basically, any energy filled place is too much for her . As she picks-up and embodies the other person’s (living or deceased) psychic/mental, physical, emotions and/or intentions as if it was her own, creating/resulting an energetic draining effect for her. 

She is a Clairvoyant, she can see things, scenarios, situations re-plays like flash glimpses, like movie clips of information. She also has prophetic dreams. Her dreams are mostly of passed loved ones bringing love and messages.

Clairsentience is another gift she has. She can feel people and situations on a deeper level without anyone speaking a word to her, near or afar. She can tell you what people’s feelings and intentions are.

Clairaudience is the fourth gift she has. She can hear messages from Spirit as if Spirit was sitting right next to her, whispering into her ear.

Clairalience is another gift she has. She will pick up fragrances/smells no one else around her can pick up. 

And Claircognizance is her other well-developed gift. The gift of just an inner knowing; you don’t know how you know, but you just know. This gift comes as a strong feeling that just comes over her.

Psychic Guidance

She can connect to your energy and situation and give you Spiritual Guidance on any life matter. As it is easy for her to see your past, present, and future.


Paloma is a natural when it comes to communicating with the other side and she uses all of her Gifts to access information for her clients in the most appropriate way possible.

She provides what is known as Evidential Mediumship. When providing a Mediumship Reading, Paloma asks for both evidence and validation so that you will know beyond the shadow of a doubt that she is indeed communicating with your deceased loved ones on the other side. She helps bring soul healing, clarity, and closure to those grieving families and friends. Sure, there are some who can learn to connect to the other side and then there's people like Paloma that are natural born with such inborn abilities, these natural mediums find it easy to connect with the other side as well as the guides and angels of their clients as well as their own guides and angels. 

Paloma says, we are all naturally born intuitive,  that we all have that inner compass, that we all have psychic abilities; however, some people are awakened to such and some are still dormant to their Gifts.

Spiritual Healing

Paloma is also able to provide Spiritual Healing Prayers to those that are ill (human and animal) alike. She is the modern day shaman. Her healing prayers create an energetic shift in the body, mind, and spirit, which helps alleviate, heal, and restore vitality.

Mental Magik/Mental Alchemy

Paloma can manifest (make things happen) with a whisper or two, for herself and others. She is also able to weather whisper, people whisper, and animal whisper.

Paloma’s Reading Style

Paloma is a very open, upfront, and direct person and it will show in her Readings as well. She will not tell you what you want to hear, but she will tell you exactly what it is that she sees, feels, hears, and knows from your situation. She will describe all that is shown to her (the good, the bad, and the ugly) when she connects to your energy and situation, and lets YOU decide what is best for YOU. She will never tell you what to do or how to do it when it comes to your life situations; however, she will present you with facts, shed light where it’s needed, clear up your doubts and worries, but as mentioned before, she will let YOU decide to do what is best for YOU.

Nothing more, Nothing less.

​So, get ready to have an insightful encounter with her. Just know that she is open to providing insight and guidance to assist those who seek her out. That’s why not only do people in the physical world call her for Spirit Communication, but she is often contacted by the other side by those who have a message for their loved ones who are still incarnated in this physical world.

Working with her is an extraordinary experience, as she is one of a handful of gifted Psychics. 

She is in the Dallas, Texas area; however, she has helped many people worldwide.

Paloma is bilingual in Spanish, she can read, write, and speak Spanish.


She works with people of all ages, but only provides spiritual readings for people that are 21 yrs and older.  




  Amazing!! I’ve had the opportunity to work with  Paloma on several occasions, and each time was well above my expectations. Professional, open minded, proficient, easy to talk to are 
only a few words I can use to describe her. She is truly a master of her gift!!

Shannon Steward 

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

July 2019




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